Creating an organisation

How to set up an organisation as an invited partner

As a Partner you can easily set up organisations for merchants that are being onboarded to HighCohesion.

Step-by-step guide

As a Partner you can easily set up an organisation by simply following the below 4 steps:

  1. Login to the HighCohesion Control Panel using your provided credentials

  2. Navigate to the section "Organisations" in the left side menu

  3. Click on "Create organisation"

  4. Fill out the mandatory fields

  5. Click on "Create organisation"

Congratulations - you have created an organisation in HighCohesion. The next step from here is to create Users for this organisation and share the credentials with the merchant. You can follow a step-by-step guide on how to create a user here.

Remember that you currently require an invite in order to get your initial access to the HighCohesion platform. When you have access as a Partner, you can then create Organisations yourself

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