Step 5 - Put it all together to create a Stream

What is a Stream?

The Stream is the combination of all components necessary to automate the streaming of data between a Source and a Destination system.

Create your Stream

Through the Control Panel you can easily access the page "Streams" in the left side column. When entering the Streams page, click on the "Create Stream" button.

  • Active / Test mode - Select Active mode

  • Title - Name the Stream, we suggest to name it following the Naming convention: [Data Type : Source System to Destination System]

For this example, name the stream "Orders : Shopify to FTP"

  • Description - Here you can input some free text field information about the Stream, to remind yourself what it's used for

For this example, Orders from Shopify to 3rd party logistics company's FTP location [test]

  • Source - Select the Source you created in Step 1 from the dropdown list

  • Transformation - Select the Transformation you created in Step 3 from the dropdown list

  • Destination - Select the Destination you created in Step 2 from the dropdown list

  • Data type - Use a word to describe the data type (e.g. product, inventory)

For this example, name the data type "order"

  • Settings - This field describes what type of data the stream is transferring (e.g. order, product, inventory etc.)

Click "Create Stream". Congratulations, you have setup your first Stream!

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