Your integration data stream.

In HighCohesion the stream configuration contains all the information for our system to run the integration. Streams are made up of three main components:


Contains the configuration for which data source to use.


Contains the configuration for which transformation file to use.


Contains the configuration to send the data to the destination system.

Data Type

The data type used on the stream should be relative to entity contained within. For consistency we recommend that you use singular, lowercase words with no spaces. Underscores are allowed. Examples of this are:

  • Sales Orders = sales_order or order

  • Products = product

  • Refunds = refund

  • Stock Trades = stock_trade

  • Shipments = shipment or fulfilment

  • Purchase Orders = purchase_order

  • Goods Receipts = goods_receipt or grn


The settings is for adding any additional settings or config for the stream. Settings in this box should follow the basic TOML formatting. (

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