How to gather data for FTP and sFTP keys.

One of the most popular connections is FTP or sFTP, a method normally used for exchanging files between servers. This is often used where companies require CSV, XML or JSON files to be deposited or collected from specified servers at certain times.

Adding a FTP connection to HighCohesion is simple, you will require the following details about the FTP server that is being connected to:

  • Host / Address This can be either a fully qualified domain name e.g. ftp.highcohesion.com or an IP address e.g.

  • Username The username required to connect.

  • Password The password required to connect.

  • Port The port required to connect, please note that the default port for FTP is 21 and the default port for sFTP is 22.

  • Passive This is a true / false option, allows a passive connection setting to be activated.

  • Remote Path This is an optional setting that allows a base path for your connection to be set. For example /export/orders/

Please note that the Remote Path setting can be overridden and not appended to in Source/Destination and Stream settings.

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