Replicate Job

Create a new Job using the Job data for an existing Job. Powerful when a Job containing multiple Events has failed.

When to use?

The replicate Job feature is a commonly used error resolution feature. Replicating a Job allows you to edit the Job data of an existing Job. This feature is commonly used when a Job has failed, common reasons for Job failure are:

  • No access to Source system

  • Source system timeout

  • Exceeding worker memory limits

How to use?

Job replication Manual / Scheduled Source

Enter the Job that you want to replicate

Job replication Dynamic web hook

Job replication Static web hook

By entering the Event view page of an Event that has failed, you can easily click the replicate button. On clicking the button a modal window will be loaded with the complete payload-in for the specific Event.

From the modal window you can edit the payload data directly based on your needs. When clicking on "Replicate Event" a new Event, with the changes to the payload will be sent directly to the Core of the system to be transformed.

You can now go back to the Event list and monitor to ensure the newly created Event is processed OK.

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