Individual data entity tracking.


Within HighCohesion the concept of an Entity is a record of a specific data type, for example, an Order, Customer, or SKU. Entities come in handy to track the Entity Source and Destination identifiers for the system to apply rules to the Entity.

For example, the system can identify if the Entity has already been received by the Destination system and abort a sync to avoid duplications.

Entities List

The Entities list page is shown when clicking on the "Entities" link from the left hand navigation in the control panel. This table of Entities from your account are defaulted in created at order, with the latest Entities being listed at the top of the page.

The events list can be filtered using the filter dropdown panel at the top right hand side on the table.

Entities search and filters

We have made it easy to find the Entities you are looking for with the below search and filter options:

You can search in the main search bar by:

  • Event name

You can filter by:

  • Data type dropdown

  • Created at date range calendar date range selector

  • Source ID free text field

  • Destination ID free text field

Entities View

The job single view page allows you to view the logs and any related source files for the selected job.

Entities Edit

Ability to edit the select entity


Export to Excel

You can easily select Entities and export the Entities list as an Excel file. The format of the file will follow the same structure as the Entities list table.

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