Transforming data from source for to destination format.

A transformation is a file that defines the translation of mappings between two systems.

Many common transformations already exist as Public files. You can browse and use the many Public level transformation files that have already been created in the Control Panel. Most HighCohesion users can setup data streams in minutes using one of the standard format transformation documents. These existing transformations are explained further in the Transformation library documentation.

Our Control Panel not only enables you to use existing transformations - you can also create new, completely custom transformations to meet your requirements. When creating a data stream between a source and a destination, you will almost always require some kind of transformation to take place on the data between the systems. HighCohesion have developed a simple and effective style of JSON formatting (referred to as a transformation file) that allows anyone to utilise powerful transformation functions, entirely from the Control Panel. These types of transformations are explained further in the writing a custom transformation or the example sales order transformation documentation.

For further reading on transformations, please see:

Public or Private?

With transformation files, there are two types of visibility:

  • Public - Any user of the HighCohesion platform (inside and outside of your organisation) can see and use this transformation file. Public transformation files can only be edited by HighCohesion once live.

  • Private - Only members of your organisation can view, use, edit or delete private transformation files.

When creating a new transformation file, you are able to specify if the file should be private to your business. If you create a new transformation file and select Public, a member of the HighCohesion team will review the file before it is made live to other users.

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