Step 1 - Creating your Source & Destination System keys


Gaining secure access to the systems that you need to integrate is central to building a working solution on HighCohesion. Our Keys system allows you to securely add access credentials in to the HighCohesion system via the Control Panel.


Security is always the main concern when it comes to system access credentials. This is why we have taken extra precautions when it comes to the transfer and storage of your Keys in our system. Our system uses:

  • SSL encryption between the browser and the server ensuring that the data transmitted is encrypted.

  • At rest encryption in the secure storage facility where the keys are stored.

  • Method of Least Privilege Permissions in our access levels to the key storage area, meaning only the correct access is granted to use the credentials.

Quite often the easiest way in to the system is via your user account in the control panel. Please ensure that you activate the multi factor authentication option on your account as soon as it is setup to increase the security on your login.

Add a new key

To add a new set of credentials in to your HighCohesion account, please follow these steps:

  1. From the control panel, go to the Keys section.

  2. At the top right hand side of the page, press the button that says Create Key.

  3. This will then load the new Key form. On this form complete the following options:

    1. System - This is a drop down list of the systems available in the HighCohesion system. Please select from this list the system that the credentials are required for. When you select a system, a Key Template will automatically load in to the credentials box below, this will give you a template for the credentials that you need to add.

    2. Title - Give the Key a title that is relative to the credentials, for example: "Live UK Shopify" or "GBP Staging Store" etc.

    3. Credentials - This box will contain a pre-set JSON credentials template. You will need to complete the template by adding in the correct data to the right hand values in the template.

For this use case you will find a Guide on how to attain the correct Data for your Source system (Shopify) here and your Destination System (FTP) here

4. Once the credentials have been added, press the save button at the bottom left of the page. 5. The new credentials will now be securely saved and available to use in the system.

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