Replicate Event without Event in Control Panel

Replicate an Event that cannot be found directly from the Control Panel


1. Login to your Shopify admin console

2. Enter the Shopify order page for the order you are looking to reprocess

3. Delete the last part of the URL. See below for example:



4. Add β€œ.json” at the end of the URL. The page will reload and the order information will now be displayed as json directly in the browser. This json file is the payload-in for this specific order. See below for example:

5. Copy the json from the browser

6. Paste the json in a text editor and make the following two edits in the start and the end of the file:

In the start, replace:

   "order": {



In the end, remove:


7. Copy the updated json

8. Enter the Control Panel (if you are an admin or reseller account, please ensure that you have selected the Organisation you are about to reprocess the event for) and navigate to the Event list page

9. Filter the event list with the Stream you want to replicate the event for (example Shopify x FTP (UK))

10. Enter the Event detail page for any of the previously processed Events that have been run within the stream you selected above

11. In the upper right corner, click the "Replicate" button

12. In the modal window. Delete the existing json (the payload-in for the existing event) and paste the json you copied in step 6 (e.g. your new payload-in)

13. Click "Replicate"

14. Enter the event list page and ensure that the new event has been processed correctly

If you want to replicate multiple events, repeat step 1-14

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