Data available from the control panel.

Reporting elements in the control panel have been designed to give users the ability to find, diagnose and fix and issues in your data streams. Reporting has been segmented in to the following areas:

Execution hierarchy

A HighCohesion stream allows for data streaming to occur, however the stream is simple the configuration for for the the data stream. Once activated, either manually or via a schedule, the stream will lead to the creation of the following (in order of hierarchy).‌

  • Jobs - A stream will create a job. When a stream is executed, it will create a Job. A manual job is set to run as soon as possible (in line with system capacity at the time) and a scheduled job is set to run at the next defined interval.

  • Events - A job creates between zero and many events. Events are created when the job finds relevant data in the source system. If no data is found, no events will be created.

  • Entities - Events create or update entities. Entities relate to data that is contained within an event.

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