Shopify private apps

Guide to setting up a Shopify private app keys

Shopify private apps are a quick and easy way to setup a connection between High Cohesion and your Shopify system. Private apps can be added to both Shopify and Shopify+ subscriptions, both follow the same guide below:

In Shopify

The first steps are to be completed from within your Shopify admin area.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Manage private apps.

  3. Click Create a new private app.

  4. In the App details section enter the following details:

    1. In the name field, enter: High Cohesion

    2. In the contact email address, enter:

  5. In the Admin API section, select the areas of your store that you want the to access via the High Cohesion system. Please use logic when selecting the options in the app, for example if you only want to extract order data from Shopify, only select Read on the orders API option etc. Four permissions are selected by default: Read products and collections, Read and modify customers, Read and modify checkouts, and Read blogs and articles.

  6. When you're done, click Save.

  7. The API key, secret and password for your app are now displayed on screen.

Treat the API key and password like you would any other password, because whoever has access to these credentials has full API access to the store.

After you have the required credentials, the private app can access your store's data.

In High Cohesion

Once you have generated the private app credentials through the steps above, follow the guide on adding a new key, selecting Shopify from the system list.

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